The Parodies

Original Artwork By Paul Myrick


Queen Elizabeth II Parody Artwork

American Flag Watercolor Original Art By Paul Myrick

Old Glory American Flag

Colorful Barn Owls Collage Poster

Colorful Barn Owls

Grumpy Pants Original Artwork by Paul Myrick

Grumpy Pants

Statue of Liberty Artwork Verdi Gris
Crab watercolor artwork


Animal Kingdom

Welcome to The Parodies website for Paul Myrick’s watercolor artwork. As new pieces are created, they’ll be posted along with a story about how they were inspired. In the meantime, existing¬†works will be posted along with their stories and all artwork will be available for purchase in various formats including prints, posters, coffee mugs and other printable forms.

Visit the shop page on this website or the store on to view the artwork.